Call Recorder

version 3.6.6: - support APatch - fixed WebDAV

2024-01-14 | 14.31 MB | MD5: b7cb6b27c5339eee7bba0d95efd776bc | VirusTotal

Where else from can I download a normal version of the app?
You can download the app from the following places:

What's the difference between this version and the one from the Play Store?

  • This version can detect phone numbers as per usual
  • Play Store won't suggest you to update this version to Lite versions

How to get updates for this version then?
This version will notify you about new updates and will suggest to install them.

Will this version verify the license?
Yes, as usual.

How to disable pop-up after a call?
Disable "After-call actions dialog" in Settings > Recording

Do I need to uninstall version from the Play Store before installing this one?
No, you don't need to uninstall anything. Just install this version over currently installed one.