After an update the app shows it's a trial version, but I purchased the app. What to do?

First of all, don't panic. If you've already purchased the app - you won't need to purchase it again.

Possible reasons

1. The app didn't check a license yet.
Solution: Just wait several minutes, then close and open settings again.

2. Something wrong with the Play Store.
Solution: Clear app data of the Play Store. Force stop the app. If it won't help, try to uninstall Play Store's updates, then reboot device.

3. Installed LuckyPatcher, Freedom or ROM with modified core.jar.
Solution: Make sure the app has access to the internet. You need to stop Freedom before license check. Force stop it, open. Wait a few minutes. If it doesn't help, probably you need to disable LuckyPatcher or/and revert core.jar (reboot after that).

4. No internet connection.
Solution: There's no way to check a license without internet connection. So ensure your device is connected to the internet. You don't block it. Then force stop the app and open it. Wait a few minutes.

5. Greenify.
Solution: If you're using this app, disable it then reboot the device. Now the app should be able to check a license. After successful license check you can enable it back till next update.

Will I need to purchase the app again if I change device or ROM?

No, the license attaches to your gmail account, so you won't need to purchase the app again. Play Store will just allow you to download the app instead of purchase. If you've purchased the app and Play Store asks you to purchase the app - clear app data of the Play Store and reboot the device.

What's the difference between trial version and full version?

Trial version has time limitation of use. The full version doesn't have such limitation. There are no other differences.

Are there any planned discounts?


Why the app costs what it costs?

Read this post: forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=57605206

How can I purchase the app?

You can purchase the app over Play Store (recommended) or using PayPal here.

Where can I download a trial version?

It's attached to the OP here.


What is root access?

Root access means to have administrative rights on the system. You can read about root more on Wikipedia.

How to get root access?

Rooting is a very device specific process, so there's no universal way to get root. It's recommended to search for an instruction using Google.

Useful links

  1. www.xda-developers.com/root
  2. autoroot.chainfire.eu
  3. www.kingoapp.com
  4. www.androidcentral.com/root
Do I need root access?

In general, you cannot predict whether you'll need root or not. Root is needed for CAF, ALSA and MSM recording methods, and to determine a moment when the connection is established for outgoing calls on Android 4.1 and higher.

CAF, ALSA and MSM recording methods are developed for specific hardware. So you should understand that rooting won't solve the problem for sure for any device. But in many cases, it will. If these methods are in use, it's very important to select correct device in Settings > Recording. If your device isn't listed there, select a device with the same chipset as on your device.

Without root, you can check only every audio source for Standard API recording method in Settings > Recording > Standard API.

My phone is rooted, but the app doesn't recognize it. Why?

The problem may occur if you're using incompatible superuser app. In this case, install SuperSU from the Play Store.

Some users reported that installing SuperSU from the Play Store may cause bootloop, so it's better to install SuperSU zip over TWRP.

Is there a version for iOS or Windows Phone?

No, the app is for Android only. Development for other systems is not planned at the moment.


What should I try if the app doesn't work out of the box?

First of all, you need to check every audio source for Standard API in Settings > Recording > Standard API. While testing it's recommended to disable automatic recording and start recording manually after the other side answers. There are devices where it's important to start recording after the connection is established.

On Android 6 Marshmallow try the following settings: Recording method - Standard API, Audio source - Voice call uplink + downlink, enable option "Don't use AMR driver".

On MediaTek devices, select Voice communication as Audio source in Settings - Standard API.

If none of audio sources worked, then you need to get root to proceed as without root you've already tried everything. But if your device is based on chipset by MediaTek, root won't change anything.

With root, if your device is in the list, select it, otherwise, select a device based on the same chipset as yours, the app will propose a correct settings.

Which recording method better?

That one which records better on your device. Check them all.

What settings are relevant for call recording?
  1. Recording method (and audio source in case of Standard API)
  2. Recording format - especially important to MSM recording method
  3. Delay before start recording, and start recording on answer - on some devices it's very important to start recording after the connection is established
  4. Device (Settings > Recording) - it's important to set your device or a device with the same chipset. Especially, it's important to CAF and ALSA recording methods.
How to disable automatic recording?

Set Settings > Recording > Default action (for outgoing and incoming calls) to "Do not record".

How to record calls from some contacts only?

In Settings > Recording > Exceptions you can set actions for a specific groups, contacts and phone numbers.

Can the app ask a confirmation before an outgoing calls?

Yes, enable "Call confirm" in Settings > Recording. Also, the dialog will ask you whether you like to record this call or not.

Can the app ask what to do with a recording after a call?

Yes, enable "After-call actions dialog" in Settings > Recording.

Can the app start recording after an answer?

Enable "Start recording on answer" in Settings > Recording. But this setting needs root on devices with Android 4.1+ and kernel with working logger.

You can check if the logger enabled by executing the following command in Terminal: $ su -c "logcat -b radio -d"

Can the app record VoLTE, VoIP, Wi-Fi Calling or Skype/Viber/Whatsapp calls?

No, it is not possible technically on Android. So even in the future, such possibility won't appear. This is not possible even with root.

Can the app notify the other side that the call is being recorded?

No, this is not possible technically on Android.

How the app handles second line calls?

The app ignores them and adds a note with a phone number to the current recording. Even if you didn't answer a call.

Android doesn't provide enough info about the second line calls, so there's no way to handle such calls more accurate.

The app works just fine at the moment. Does it mean it will work on any other ROM or on a different device?

No! As per the description, call recording is not a trivial task in Android. If the app works on one device with specific firmware, it doesn't mean it'll work the same on different firmware, especially on a different device.

Is it possible to record the other side only?

This is not possible in general case. As most of the devices don't have hardware support to the required feature. But if your device rooted and it's based on Qualcomm MSM89XX, then you may select Qualcomm MSM8960 (DL) as Device in Settings > Recording.

Folders and Files

Where the app stores files?

The default path is "/sdcard/voix". You can change it in Settings > Folders and Files.

Is it possible to save recordings on external storage?

Since Android 4.4 KitKat, you need root access to make external storage writable to third-party apps like Call Recorder. If your device rooted, use SDFix from the Play Store to fix the issue.

Is it possible to change filename format?

Yes, you can set filename pattern in Settings > Folders and Files.

Is it possible to delete old recordings automatically?

Yes, you can set automatic clean up in Settings > Folders and Files. The app will ignore starred recordings. So, if you set max number of files to 10, but 9 of them are starred, the app will consider you have just one recording.

Is it possible to delete short recordings automatically?

No, but the feature is planned.

Is there a way to recover deleted recording?

No, if you've accidentally deleted a recording, it was deleted permanently.

Interface and Appearance

How to hide the notification icon?

You can disable "Show notification" in Settings > Interface and Appearance. The app will still show a notification during a call. If you like to hide all notifications from the app, see Settings > Debug.

How to hide in-call control button?

You can hide them in Settings > Interface and Appearance for outgoing and incoming calls.

How to select all recordings in the list?
  1. Long press an item to select it
  2. An option "Select All" will then appear in the context menu (three dots at the top right corner)
Is there a way to hide the notification from the lockscreen and keep the icon in the status bar?

No, this is not possible on the Stock Android. But if you're running CyanogenMod, you can long-press the notification, then click the "Info" button, then enable the option "Disable persistent notification on lock screen".

As an alternative, you can enable the option "Hide icon, but keep notification" in Settings > Interface and Appearance. Icon will be hidden from the status bar in this case, but the notification is going to be there when you pull down the notification drawer.

How to call to a contact within the app?

Click avatar to open contact info. You can call to the contact right from there.

How to filter calls from the selected contact?

Long press avatar to filter calls from this contact.


How the app encrypts recordings?

Encryption isn't automatic, you need to encrypt recordings manually by clicking "Encrypt" in the context menu. Only WAV recordings can be encrypted at the moment.

Before that, you need to create a new key in Settings > Security. When you create a new key the app generates a new random set of bytes which will be encrypted with your password. These bytes will be used later to encrypt recordings. It means that if you forget your password you’ll never be able to recover the encrypted files. Creating a new key with the same password won’t help.

Is it possible to set a password to enter the app?

Yes, you may create a new key in Settings > Security. Password of this key will be used later to enter the app if you enable "Require password" option there. This key will also be used for encryption. Regardless of the password used to enter the app, all your recordings are stored in unencrypted way, unless you've encrypted them manually, so anyone will still be able to listen to them using any file explorer without any problems.

Is it possible to decrypt recording on PC?

No, you can decrypt the file in Call Recorder only.

Is it possible to encrypt/decrypt recordings using fingerprint scanner instead of entering password?



What cloud providers are supported?
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Box
  • Yandex.Disk
  • WebDav
How to switch cloud provider?
  1. Sign out of a current cloud provider in Settings > Cloud.
  2. Press "Sign in" in Settings > Cloud and select the cloud you wish to use.


Sound is distorted. Is there a way to fix it?

If you've set the level above 100%, and you hear a distortion, then reduce it to 100% or below.

But if you haven't changed the volume control setting and still have a distortion, unfortunately, it's not possible to fix as the distorted sound is a sound which the system provides, see this post for more info.

On LG Nexus 5X and Huawei Nexus 6P you can try to select "LG Nexus 5X (Experimental)" as Device in Settings > Recording. It'll record with better quality, but during a call you won't be able to change volume. So that's why it's experimental. Also, you need to be sure that you're running SuperSU as superuser.

After a system update the app doesn't work as before. What to do?

Manufacturers quite often remove call recording feature with a new system updates. So you have very few options in this case:

  1. Check every audio source for Standard API - maybe the app just needs a different settings on new firmware.
  2. Get root - this is not guaranteed that it will 100% help, but in many cases it will.
  3. Downgrade to the previous firmware version.
The app doesn't record outgoing calls. How to solve it?

The app may fail to record outgoing calls for several reasons:

1. The app starts recording too early.

Try to increase delay before call recording in Settings > Recording.

2. The system doesn't notify the app on outgoing calls, or some other third-party apps block the notification.

If you're using MIUI ROM, then you may need to grant permissions in the Permission Manager.

The following apps can cause the trouble: Clean Master, LBE-Security.

The app asks for root in background quite often. Why?

Android kills the app's service, but the service restarts. So it checks for the root again. If this happens too often on your device, it's recommended to enable the notification in Settings > Interface & Appearance. Also, if you use any memory cleaners, add the app to the exceptions.

Sometimes the app doesn't record calls on Huawei devices?

You need to set Call Recorder as Protected App.

See "System Settings > Power saving > Protected apps" or "System Settings > Phone Manager > Protected apps".

Interlocutor complaining about the poor audibility. Is there a way to fix it?

Unfortunately, there's no way to fix it. The app only tells the system to start recording. If the system makes yout voice distorted while recording, the app can do nothing about it.

As the problem is in the system, only the manufacturer can fix it. Because only the manufactorer has required access to source code and documentation.

The app records only one side over Bluetooth. Is there a way to fix it?

If you own Qualcomm based device, then root should help. On most Exynos based devices, there's no way to fix it even with root. But on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N910C with Exynos chipset, root will help to record both sides over Bluetooth.

Affected devices where even root won't help:

  • Samsung Galaxy S3 (Exynos)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2
The app doesn't work on Android 7.x Nougat. What should I do?
  1. You need to have root access
  2. You need to use the latest version of SuperSU
  3. Supolicy patch should be installed
    1. Some devices may work without this patch, but devices such as Nexus 4, Nexus 6, Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X are not working without it. If you got here from the app, then the patch is required on your phone.
    2. Download the patch from here (direct).
    3. To install it, flash the downloaded zip over TWRP.
The app doesn't stop recording after the call ends. How to fix the problem?

This problem usually happens on Samsung devices where in-call control button in Settings > Interface and Appearance is disabled. That's because of built-in Battery Optimization. So you need to disable optimization for Call Recorder in System Settings > Battery > Details > Call Recorder.

If you didn't find the answer, please email me at skvalex+faq@gmail.com. Please respect my time and read the FAQ before email me. Use English or Russian language.